Books and wine from a can

Books purchased today:

  • 2006 Road Atlas (gotta love the used bookstore)
  • 1,000 Places to see before you die (classic)
Books I removed from my collection:
  • The Awakening (I hate books where the main character kills herself in the end, what’s the point?)
  • Angus, Thongs, and Full-frontal snogging (I’m not 14 anymore)
Slowly, but surely, I am weeding out the dumb shit from my life and supplanting it with what is useful and possibly inspirational. I also purchased a can of  Sofia Mini Blanc de Blanes of California. A delicious sparkling white wine all dressed in pink and meant to be drunk from a straw (which is also pink and comes attached to it like a juice box). I’m thinking this is the perfect alcohol for a road trip since it will blend in with the V8 and YooHoo in the cooler. It is an inspiration.

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Kodak Kerouacs is mostly about photography and travel, though notsomuch travel photography. KodakKerouacs is about living free and loud then telling everybody else about how awesome it is to be free and really, really loud. Written by two girls who love coffee, film, and the open road. View all posts by kodakkerouacs

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