Sun setting over lake

Yesterday I developed my first roll of film using a developer called “caffenol.” If you’ve never heard of this method then hold on to your panties, because it’s pretty freaking amazing.

This. image. was. developed. with. COFFEE!!! That’s right, God’s gift to the tired human race can also bring your images to life!

The instructions on how to develop film with this method can be found on photojojo and the development times are located on Digital Truth. I found that the Trader Joes greek yogurt containers are perfect for mixing your chemicals. The first blue line is 6 oz and the top blue line is 16 oz. For a 16 oz Kalt development tank, these are all the measurements you need. Essentially you will take 5 teaspoons of instant coffee (if you use individual packs, this is 5 packs) mixed with half a teaspoon of Vitamin C crystals in 6 oz of water, then 3 1/2 teaspoons or washing soda in 6oz of water, blend the two (hold your nose) and develop away! The problem is finding washing soda, you’ll have to find an Ace Hardware store, and vitamin C crystals, which are $40 a pound at my local specialty store. Since you don’t need much, it’s not too expensive, but I’d try to buy a little in bulk rather than get a whole jar.

Other uses for your ingredients:

  • Washing soda will remove stubborn stains like blood (don’t ask) and your new caffenol developer
  • Fuck off sepia tone, all my prints are now INSTANT COFFEE TONED
  • Never get sick again because you add so much Vitamin C to your smoothies that you’re now invincible



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