Occupy San Francisco

If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to protest some while you’re there…

It was AWESOME!!! Nothing like thousands of people in the streets protesting corporate greed to awaken and refresh you. I mean, come on I can’t say that I’ve lived in California without protesting something, right? The energy was amazing and the crowd was huge! And peaceful…I mean shit that had to be the calmest and most non violent protest ever.  Gandhi would have been proud. The police were like, hey could you please stay over to that side please? And the crowd was like, yeah sure thing officer, sorry about that.

I shouldn’t be surprised, this city didn’t have any arrests when the Giants won the World Series. (No way that’ll be the case when the Cubs win the World Series) No wonder San Francisco is the city of love and peace…and public nudity.

Seriously look it up. Its legal.

Suck a DICK Glenn Beck!

I was wondering the same thing man...

Thats my kind of sign. I truly believe if all people had equal access to coffee, we could solve the world's problems

My roommate's sign. Hope you don't mind Jay Z

Keeping up with the Jones. Protest style Photo courtesy of Rachael Karlin

More to come. I’m developing my film tomorrow. I promise! I know I’ve said it before, but seriously I’m taking 7 rolls tomorrow to my friends at Marin Film Works.



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