Who wants to chat at 6am?

The answer is NO ONE DOES. I DESPISE morning shows on the radio! I do not want to chat. Nor do I want to listen to you and your radio host chat or other callers, who feel like they absolutely need to voice their own opinion on air because somehow they think that the rest of the world is dying to hear it. We aren’t. I don’t care if you think Rihanna should get back with Chris Brown, or if you’re upset that BET has banned Justin Bieber. I really wish I didn’t know any of this, but apparently those are the hot topics of the world today. Its early. I shouldn’t be up, but I am. And if I have to be up, I just want to hear Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl, not hear about why I should be the 10th caller this morning so I can have a chance at winning tickets to see Chris Brown. (Seriously, why is that kid still making “music”?)

Who thought a morning talk show was a bright idea? And why did everyone have to jump on that band wagon?



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