For more than a year now I’ve been in a relationship with a certain fellow. It has been tumultuous, romantic, and terribly fun. The last couple months his life has come crashing down around him and I am a casualty of this time. I decided I’d had enough and broke off what semblance of a relationship was left. You can only do so much without the other person contributing.

A coworker commented today that I was “back on the market” but it doesn’t feel that way. I actually feel like I’m at the market and I haven’t bought groceries in years and I’m standing in the cereal aisle trying to remember which kind of cereal I used to like. My love life transitioned from me trying to, first of all, figure out how to get in the grocery store, then running around like a ferral child eating grapes in the produce section and ripping open bags of cookies and pouring them down my throat, much to the dismay of shoppers around me (the cookies didn’t really mind). Then, one day, I ended up with this big bag of groceries and I’ve been eating from those more than a year. Finally I’ve run out, and that’s were I am, sitting in the cereal aisle trying to decide between Cookie Crisp and Special K, all the time thinking I just want to continue eating the Fruity Pebbles I bought last time.

Have you ever realized how many varieties of cereal there are out there? and that’s just one aisle. It’s fucking hard to go to the market.




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