Get Me the HELL Outta Here

Its been a pretty shitty week. Lots of frustrations and halfway attempts to leave and go on the road, and then remembering that I need a job and more money before I can leave. The urge to just get up and get in my car and go was almost unbearable. And then I finished On the Road, by Kerouac and it saved me.

You would think finishing a passionately written book about road trips would only further my desire to leave immediately, but it made me realize how bad I want this and how much I want need this to work. I’m all about spontaneity, believe me. But there is a realistic side of me that says in order to have a fantastic, life-alterting 6-week long trek through the backroads of America (instead of a 4-day, ill-budgeted, so-close-to-my-dreams-then-lost-it jaunt) then I need to have enough funds and supplies to carry it through.

I know that Kerouac jumped in a car on a whim and drove back and forth and then back again across the country, then decided to give south of the border a taste. And thats great. In a parallel universe, thats me too. But in this one, I need a little more security.

Don’t get me wrong.This will not be a thoroughly planned excursion with scheduled stops and bathroom breaks only to arrive at our destination clean, in one piece without some sort of fantastic tale to tell. TRUST ME. But the way I see it, a little more dough in the bank can only help our wild adventure.

Plus its winter. All the crazy stories and novels I’ve read, fiction and non-fiction, have always happened in the summer. So if I’m going to wait til summer to leave anyway, I might as well suck it up and be the best goddamned nanny I can be until then.

After that…all bets are off.




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