The world better not end…cause I got shit to do

So here it is…2012. And I have a GREAT FANTASTIC feeling about this year. This will be an UTTERLY WONDERFUL FUCKING FANTASTIC YEAR! Do I sound excited? I hope so, because I totally am.

Christmas vacation was much needed; both relaxing, chaotic, and enlightening.

My family is crazy, but it’s nice to know that I inherit some of my eccentricness from them 🙂

It was such a magnificent relief to be around them and be able to act without pretenses, completely and utterly myself.  I missed them and needed those two weeks to just be and have fun and stress and overeat (and drink. Can’t forget the drink) and do all the other holiday traditions.

I needed a break from changing diapers, doing someone else’s laundry, walking the batshit crazy dog, and joyriding in a mom-mobile trying to pull it off. But I ask you, can anyone really pull off a minivan? Seriously. I don’t think even Mick Jagger driving while Keith Richards hangs out the window with his arms flailing screaming “CHEERIO MATEYS CAP’AIN JACK SPARROW COMING THROUGH!” could pull it off. Although if Nissans ads were more like that then I’d probably buy one.

Ahh, I digress. (But what brilliant digresses they are)

Less than four months till the big bon voyage. The exciting excursion. Tremendous Trek.  Wandering Odyssey. Need I go on?

I can’t wait, but after talking with Val and re-evaluating our situation, I realized something of great importance.

I’m waay behind. Like seriously fucking behind. I was freaking out and panicking, but then I decided to take a page out of Val’s book and I made a list. Lists are funny things. Just because you’ve made one doesn’t in any way mean that what you have on it will be accomplished simply because you’ve written them down. But somehow, having them out of my head and clearly written on a piece of paper calms me down.

So I’ve made a list and it goes something like this:

  • Write out a complete and concise mission statement
  • Film and put together the video for
  • Blog once a day, or at the very least 3 times a week
  • Get the word out about us
  • Plan the route, but leave plenty of space for off the road adventures
  • Advertise like a motherfucker. Get the word out.
  • Learn how to network like a motherfucker
  • Save money like a motherfucker (see a pattern here?)

Although the list that I made by hand didn’t look quite so neat. It looked something like this:

Don’t ask about the aliens.


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