An Order of Rhinopharyngitis, Coming Right Up!

Attention nurses and all members of the medical community:

Just because a person coughs ONCE does not mean that they have some sort of horrible air-borne disease to which there is no cure and your fate will be to die a slow and painful death.  I know that because you’re in the medical community you’ve had all sorts of training and classes, and know more about blood pathogens and infectious diseases than I’ll ever care to.

However, I am a member of the real-world community. And I must remind you that even normal, healthy people have a tickle in their throat every now and then.

I was in line for coffee this morning felt a sudden urge in the back of my throat. Like any other decent member of society, I turned my head around and coughed softly into my arm. The woman in front of me stiffens up and clutches her Juicy Coture bag even tighter, and then I notice that she’s in scrubs. Fantastic.
She seems so eager to get away from me that she orders her drink very urgently when its her turn, and then runs over to the far side of the counter to wait for it; as far away from me as she can get without crossing the street. Seriously?

To make it even better, because she ordered some non-fat-tall-soy-grande-latte-hold-the-whip-extra-hot-no-foam-$8-drink and I ordered a medium coffee, she was still standing at the counter when I came over to put cream in my coffee.

***Side Rant: The baristas are always so confused when I order. Are you so advanced in your drink making skills that you can’t handle just a plain coffee? And I refuse to say grande. Its fucking medium. Calling it medium in another language doesn’t make it any more than what it is, and frankly I feel like a douche when I say “grande”.

Anyway, this nurse gets so wide eyed and nervous when I come over, still expecting me to hack up a lugie in her drink. All I want it to put cream in my coffee lady. And when I set my cup down, 2 feet away from hers I might add, she immediately picks up her cup and relocates to the trash can area. Because apparently the trash can is more sanitary than my infectious body.

As I turn to walk away I have the urge to just sneeze right on her and see what she does. But alas, I’m running late and as much as I could use the laugh, I just have to have faith that another good samaritan will be blowing their nose her way.




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2 responses to “An Order of Rhinopharyngitis, Coming Right Up!

  • jonolan

    In her defense, she could be a neonatal nurse or one working in ICU. They get paranoid about infectious diseases because they can be transmitted to their patients with lethal results.

  • MikeP

    So real and funny… the opposite happens to me daily. Kids in my class cough and drip on me like I am the tissue… and not a care in the world. We should hope that your friend in line is locked in my class for just even an hour and I think she would either shrivel up and die or view the world differently. Hey send her over….. ALL of us will be waiting!!!!

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