I’ve put off writing my entry of Atlanta.

Now, I believe in honesty, so I’ll be honest: I was disappointed. Now, the food was great, the company was amazing, and I took some pictures I would not un-take for the life of me; but there were some images I wanted to capture that I could not. And that, my friend, is what keeps me up at night.

The last time I visited ATL I stayed for nearly a week, and my little group went to the Candler Mansion in little five points and I’d told Mary all about how cool it was and how everyone who met up earlier got to go inside and nobody would go back inside when I got there because they were too spooked by the two-sided mirror and other relics from when it was an asylum. I desperately wanted to go in, but I’m always hesitant to break from the group and trespass explore grounds that may harbor a dangerous entity. So, I didn’t go then, and this time the entrance was secured with bolts. I hate that. Pictures were not taken. But I did get more photographs of the grounds, which are amazing to say the least.

I got to see the ATL underground, which I’d been dying to see and didn’t get the chance to do so prior. There is a whole mall that is underground, built for trains to go through so that real estate could be used at maximum for the city during a growth spurt. The mall exhibits all the clothing you could want if your goal is to appear gangsta, slutty, or cheap (in the absolute best way possible, I love looking cheap from time to time). Then, get this, they have a ferris wheel and amusement rides. Does it get better than that?

Atlanta is dirty. She is fast. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She’s been around for a while, so she’s got a history (that everybody knows about). She’s hip, but doesn’t feel that she needs to be. Atlanta doesn’t take shit from anyone, but she’s friendly. She is Southern, and proud of it. Now that I’ve had time to absorb the experience, and sort through my initial disappointment, I think I can draw some inspiration from her.

Greenhouse at the Candler Mansion in Little Five Points


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