Gong Hey Fat Choy

If I misspelled that, my apologies.

I’ve never known about, or paid attention to the Chinese New Year. However, living in such a close proximity to San Francisco, its no surprise that a kid on the street, the postman, the grocery cashier, and a doctor all wished me Gong Hey Fat Choy the other day
(it translates to Happy New Year in either Mandarin or Cantonese, depending on the spelling. Hot Damn! I didn’t learn this much in school! Which leads me to believe its not what you learn sitting at a desk, its what you experience living in the REAL world. But ahh, I digress)
It is officially the Year of the Dragon! Woot Woot! I myself am a Rabbit, so my year is now over. Having said that, I still have a great feeling about this year. Its going to be magnificent! Plus Valerie is a Dragon, and they’re supposed to be very lucky. So I’m hoping that she can tap into that power and use it to help out our cause, come May.

Other than the festivities of Chinatown, not too much to report here. Kind of been a crappy week for both Val and myself. Nothing apocalyptic. You know, life throws you lemons, yada yada yada. I’ll make some lemonade with those lemons. I’ll even throw in some chips, salsa, and have a goddamned fiesta!
Ohhh I can’t wait for May. I think part of this is the winter blues. Even though it pretty much stays around 60 degrees where I am, I think my body still knows its supposed to be cold and gray.

Because there’s not too much new, but because I know you people like to have something to enjoy, here’s a little diddy to entertain yourselves. Think of it like those “Stay Tuned” commercials that come on super late at night after the Magic Bullet and Genie Bra infomercials.

God if I had a credit card…

P.S  If (or maybe when) Val and I ever do a music video, this is EXACTLY what it will look like.

P.P.S This might be my favorite song ever.

P.P.P.S  I realized I didn’t use any inappropriate language in this post. Fuck.


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