I can’t think of a creative title


It’s getting closer! I cannot fucking wait. 3 more months and Val and I will be on the road.
Excited? You bet
Anxious? A little
Prepared? Not at all

But we do have 3 months, in which we’ll have put up our Kickstarter profile so all you wonderful, generous folks following us can donate some much needed $$$$
You get a bumper sticker with every donation. Need I say more?

On a side note, I know I’ve reneged a little on the “blogging everyday” post I made awhile back, but it’s been a stressful week full of unforeseen circumstances including Rocky-styled fights with cabinets, Nelly impersonations, Operation-Repo replications, and running from the law. Just a day in the life of.
Nonetheless I need to be better about it and here’s a little something to make up for it.
I noticed that I’ve posted no Atlanta photos here. *Gasp!* How can that be? I did put some up on facebook (you would know that if you’ve like our page, hint hint)
But here are some shots I took with a Holga to brighten your day!

The abandoned insane asylum we tried to get into. Can't imagine why it wasn't open. Doesn't it look inviting?

Here’s my personal favorite. 

Hmm, maybe these wont brighten up your day after all.

Until next time…



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Kodak Kerouacs is mostly about photography and travel, though notsomuch travel photography. KodakKerouacs is about living free and loud then telling everybody else about how awesome it is to be free and really, really loud. Written by two girls who love coffee, film, and the open road. View all posts by kodakkerouacs

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