I have an addiction. I’m going to consider this my self-inflicted intervention.

I am addicted to shopping.

Okay, I said it. It’s not so scary when you see it written there on the screen. Yes, I’m addicted to shopping and I have been since about the time that my mother transferred her shopping/hoarding problem to me. I’m not blaming you, entirely, mom. But I know you would agree that your plots to distract my dad while I smuggled in packages and hid them in the back of closets was probably not the best influence.


Today I went to my most beloved antique mecca, Cline’s Antiques in Mt. Pleasant, NC. It was so amazing that I made three full sweeps of the property. Yes, I checked out, unloaded in my car, and went back through a total of 3 times. I still haven’t stopped thinking about a baby blue typewriter I wanted and a piano bench I could have bought for my roommate. The nature of this antique land of merriment and wonder is something like acre upon acre of piles and piles of junk: junk on the ground; junk piled in trailers; junk stacked creatively to the ceiling of barns, junk creeping slowly into the woods, and junk thrown onto the back of various pickup trucks that circle the property to help customers transport junk from the pile to their vehicle. I didn’t dress appropriately to dig through junk on a converted farm, full of mud and weeds and so much dust it looks like snow. Oh no, I needed to wear my new cashmere cardigan (paid $14, regular $129) and DKNY pants (paid $21, regular $100) that my mother and I went out and purchased last night during a presidents’ day sale. I did look pretty fly.

So what did I buy? I bought a Chinese restaurant chair; a folding picnic table with four seats; two thick aluminum pots identical to the ones my mother and grandmother owned; a shelf for our bathroom; a stand for my suitcase; books; sheet music; old stamps; a mushroom mug from 1975; vintage towels; and must I go on? The good news is that I only spent $43, but I followed the trip with a trip to the dollar tree to buy scrubbers and sandpaper to update the furniture pieces and hobby lobby to buy fabric and foam rubber to re-upholster my chair, and wal-mart to buy spray paint and the whole day spiraled out of control. I think I need to sell about half of my belongings so that I can fund this trip we’re having (and make my life a little easier). When I said this to my parents, they then gave me a broiler pan and two bags of items I can sell from their stock pile. Thanks. More junk.

I think my new job is listing everything I own on ebay. I am going to be a full-time yard-sale-er.

On the way home from Cline’s I found the Carolina Alpaca Celebration… more to come!



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