Reactions to the death of a beloved actor/musician/dreamboat

He’s now eternally free.

I’ll be wearing shades of gray

He caught the last train to Clarksville.

He was my day-dream believer!

He’s not your stepping stone anymore.

Everyday will now be a pleasant valley sunday


Now please don’t think we’re taking a mocking tone or cynical reaction to the sudden death of The Monkees singer Davy Jones. Its just we’ve found that humor helps during tragic events.
Davy Jones was a wonderful entertainer and we were was completely shocked and saddened when news spread of his passing yesterday due to a massive heart attack.
Of course we weren’t around to watch original episodes of their wonderful show The Monkees in the 60’s, but I personally remember laughing hysterically as a child, when my mother would turn on the reruns for me and my sibling. And who didn’t dance around on a hot summer day when Daydream Believer came on the radio? You couldn’t help it.

Mickey, Michael, Peter, and Davy you made our lives a little brighter, made us laugh a little harder, and sing a little louder. We’ll be forever grateful to you.


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