Beast from Haunted Cave

Its a bird, its a plane, HOLY SHITS ITS A FREAKING MONSTER!!!

Wait…is that monster wearing tennis shoes? Does that monster have ketchup for blood?

Ohhh classic science fiction B movies, how I love you. You’ve never let me down. Overly macho protagonists fighting oh-not-so-scary monsters wearing dollar store costumes during a completely see-through plot. Add in a melodramatic damsel in distress and a foreign “doctor” or mad scientist (who usually is the cause of the problem) and I’m SOLD.

This is the first in a series of Creature Feature entries, where every Friday I’ll post about a movie featuring some horrific  monster/mutant/martian/any other applicable adversary starting with “M”.

This first movie was actually my introduction to vintage sci-fi B movies. I stumbled upon this movie in high school while channel surfing late one Friday night. How can I resist a show on public access TV called “Scotty’s Drive-In Theater”? From then on, every Friday  night I went through great lengths to secure the TV to myself at 11pm. It wasn’t really that hard, actually. I was surprised and mildly offended how fast my family cleared out of the living room the minute I mentioned what this weeks movie was. Seriously, if it doesn’t feature a talking dog  it doesn’t merit attention.

This weeks movie is “Beast from Haunted Cave” circa 1959, directed by Monte Hellman.
Ruthless criminals attempt to steal gold from a vault in South Dakota. They plan to set an explosive in a nearby gold mine to act as a diversion for their heist. They succeed in setting the explosive but encounter a beast in the mine.
When will you ever learn that venturing into a dark place with cobwebs and dramatic music is never a good idea?
I love it.





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2 responses to “Beast from Haunted Cave

  • Kreative Dragon

    Corny films that make me laugh more than scream? Films where the editing job and script scare me more than the actual monster?

    SIGN ME UP!!!
    Going to have to see where I can find this.
    I miss drive in Theaters. If I knew I would not go bankrupt in the first month, I would open one up right now.

    • kodakkerouacs

      You can actually find this movie on youtube…I just never know what the internet rules are and I have a feeling one day I’m going to answer the door to men in black suits slapping me with a lawsuit.
      As for other drive-in like movies, try looking on Friday or Saturday nights on public access tv. People who have nothing to do and 2 hours to fill come up with really creative stuff 🙂


      P.S I would totally go to the drive-in theater if you opened one up. As long as the concessionaires wore roller skates.

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