You got some nerve Betty Clark

It’s Wednesday!!

You know what that means.




Now imagine if that was said to the intro of Wheel of Fortune. Makes much more sense.
Sigh. I need an announcer.

Now, today’s video is yet another laundry one. I really didn’t want to do two laundry detergent ones back to back, however I couldn’t help myself when I saw it. I think you’ll understand too. I think my favorite part might be when she’s looking at each piece of clothing saying, “whiter whites, pinker pinks, and purpler purples.”

It’s a black and white commercial lady. How do I know your pinks are pinker? They look positively gray to me. You could be lying to me.

Oh but I digress.  You’ll have to view it for yourself.


Rule #3
You should always be singing a happy tune while doing your husbands laundry. Did we learn nothing from Snow White?




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