Creature Feature: Journey to the Seventh Planet


It’s Friday night. Get ready to pop some popcorn, thrown in a frozen pizza, and settle down for another example of great American cinema.

This weeks creature feature is Journey to the Seventh Planet directed by Sidney Pink and released in 1962.  Actually this film was shot in Denmark, with mostly Danish actors. So we have the Danes to thank for this stunning classic about the dangers of exploring the seventh planet. I suppose “the seventh planet” is a much classier way of saying Uranus.

Anyway, in this thrilling tale a group of astronauts have been sent by the United Nations to explore the seventh planet in the year 2001.
(I still have to giggle when I see old science fiction movies that have predicted what Earth will be like in the future. Flying cars and trips to Uranus. Poppycocks. But it also makes me a little embarrassed at having failed the expectations of the previous generations as far as our technological progress. We do have bacon flavored mayonnaise though. I call that a step toward a brighter future)

When these brave astronauts reach Uranus, a glowing light puts the men to sleep while a disembodied voice informs them of the impending doom that awaits them. The evil voice plans to take over their bodies and wreak havoc on Earth. Drama ensues; add in a couple of extraterrestrial sex pots and a giant “alien” which closely resembles a spider, you’ve got one hell of an evening.

I wont give away the ending, but it loosely reminds me of a psychedelic early version of Steven King’s IT. Mind games played on unsuspecting but brave heroes who have to battle a fiendish alien spider.

You be the judge.

Happy Friday


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