Creature Feature: Eegha!

This weeks creature feature is the 1962 classic Eegha!

I’m not sure there is supposed to be an exclamation point after the name; it just seems appropriate.

It was written, produced, and directed by Nicholas Merriweather (aka Arch Hall Sr.) and all I can say is good for you man. Even though it was listed in Michael Medved’s book The Fifty Worst Films of All Time, you go man. You had a dream and pursued it, no matter what anyone said. I clap my hands for you, sir.

Again, I can’t give too much away, but a fairly basic synopsis would be that a prehistoric caveman is living in the deserts of California. Which is cool, you know. No problem there. Probably hung out with the Geico guys. Except a teenager named Roxy (because they are always named Roxy) stumbles upon Eegah when she and her father and her boyfriend all decide its supercool to just start rummaging around the desert. Then Eegah wants to make Roxy his cavewoman, and her boyfriend has to rescue her, but now she kind of likes Eegah…you get the drift.

The one thing I remember thinking about this movie, was that the actress who played Roxy seemed to me to be MUCH older than her boyfriend. Like there was a 20 year difference. I guess she was on the cougar train long before Demi made it cool.

There is also singing. Lots of singing. As if a caveman with the name Eegah! wasn’t enough of a draw for you, Roxy’s boyfriend seems to be auditioning to be the next Ricky Nelson throughout the entire movie.





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