Monday Monday…can’t trust that day

I feel bad that Monday got a bad rap. I mean, it never set out to be the serious day. The hangover day. The get-your-butt-back-to-business day. I bet it would much rather have the “too cool for school” attitude of Friday.

I support you Monday. I’m glad you are here. I’ve had such a crazy week that I need the seriousness and stability that only you can provide.

I’m going to attempt to do this Angie styled, with only 400 words, since people tend to like the Cliff notes version. However, I’m already at 100 words and I haven’t even gotten to the main point, so you should probably expect 1,000 words. Its good for you guys. No one reads anymore. See right here, I’m building suspense.

Okay, before you navigate away…I was living in California. The plan was for Valerie to fly out in May and we’d start our journey from West to East. Well, I couldn’t wait. I decided to come back a month early. Which I think was the right decision. It gives me a month to relax and get ready for the trip, instead of me working right up til we left. Plus I get to see Val and we can plan together, make awesome How-To videos together, and campaign our Kickstarter Project together.

We still haven’t reached out goal yet. No worries. We will. We’ve already bombarded gallery crawl, and tomorrow we’re planning to pounce on every gallery, coffee shop, and philanthropist we see standing still.
But we still need your help. Please tell your friends. And your family. And your in-laws.

Click this sentence to help out two starving artists.

Anyway, I’m back in North Carolina. I drove back from California with my dad, and that road trip got me so excited for Val and mine. We took the northern route back and stopped on parts of the old Lincoln Highway. The towns, the people, the landscape, the ghost towns, EVERYTHING was so amazing. I can’t wait to leave.

The Lincoln Highway monument off Interstate 80 in Wyoming. He looks cranky, but its probably because he's not wearing his top hat.

GPS not applicable here

Easily the best part of the trip. The ACTUAL house and baseball field from the movie. Don't worry, I took film photographs. I'll make a whole post about that when I get them developed.

But thats why there was no good housewife clip last Wednesday. So sorry guys, I know you look forward to ridiculing women from the 50’s and their unnatural obsession with whiter whites. I do too.

But I’m BACK and I’m ready to work!

We leave in ONE MONTH!!!




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4 responses to “Monday Monday…can’t trust that day

  • Jim

    You know I love old film cameras. But when I’m on the road, I go almost all digital just because I can bring the images right home and post them on my blog the same day!

    • kodakkerouacs

      I know! I can’t deny the convenience. But there is something about being on the road and photographing with film. Those two go hand in hand for me. If only Kodak made some sort of mobile processing kit lol.

      But we do plan to bring along chemicals and a scanner so we can get our photos up as soon as we can!

      • Jim

        Now that’s dedication!

        I usually take one of my old film cameras along on road trips. I just lean on my Canon S95 digital to do most of the work.

  • boomiebol

    Thanks for stopping by blog 🙂

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