Oh My Universe.

What a week. Game changer, thats for sure.

So much has happened, but it all comes down to one important note. Let go and trust in the Universe.

I tend to have a problem with this. Not with the idea or notion, just with the action. I think its a wonderful philosophy and I try my best to abide by it, but I gotta be honest: It’s hard for me to let go. I like to have control over certain things and the thought of me just letting it all go and trusting in a force I can’t see rattles my bones.

If overanalyzing were a job, baby I’d work overtime every week.

But I have to do it.

When this began, I was all about the money. I thought if I focused enough on our Kickstarter goal, then we would certainly get it, and more. But I’ve come to realize how unimportant that is. Not to say that I don’t want to reach our goal. I do, and even though we have 5 days left, I still believe with all my heart that we will. But my focus was only on getting the money. That’s going to get me nowhere. Money is so trivial compared to the bigger picture.

Valerie and I are going to go on this journey…this mission.

We are going to take photographs and capture people and places in small town America, and we’re going to share these photographs with the rest of the country. Nay. The rest of the world.
We are going to take great photographs and create a legacy.
We’re going to remind the rest of the country that film photography is not dead, and neither are the people and towns just off the old highways.
We’re going inspire other people that they can live their dreams, no matter how impossible it seems at the time.

The most important thing I’ve learned is that when you have a goal and are true to yourself, then the Universe will provide the means to achieve your goal.

I can’t wait to travel on the road. To see who we’re meant to meet and what we’re meant to photograph.
For the first time, I know that this is much bigger than either one of us thought.
Its not about me and its not about Valerie and its not about what we can get. Its about what we can give.


From a town off US 30 in Nebraska.





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