Thats not all folks!

So, as I’m sure many of you can guess…we didn’t reach our Kickstarter goal, which means we don’t get any of the money that was pledged to us.

Valerie and I had just finished a successful gallery crawl and were munching on cupcakes and creme brulee (or blowtorch pudding as Valerie calls it) when we realized it was after midnight…and we didn’t have our money.

He's probably the reason we were so successful. You just can't resist buying art when there is a dog around. Especially when the dog is named Mr. Bingley

Oh well. No use crying over spilled milk. Or rather, milk we never had? Insert your own clever phrase here.

Have no fear! The show must go on!

Bright side? No more stressing about fundraising for us, and no more blog entries begging for money for you. It’s a win win situation!

On a serious note, we’d like to acknowledge and sincerely thank all of you who donated to us. We really appreciated the donations but more so the support that we received.
As much as we would have loved to have the extra $5,000 (I mean, who wouldn’t?) I firmly believe everything happens for a reason. When one door closes, another one opens. We’re still on a mission to take great photographs and document America. We’re still leaving May 8th, 2012. Nothing much has changed…except that I might have to live with my parents a little longer than either of us had planned. (Thats what family is for, right?)

We have put a donations page up in place of our kickstarter page on the blog

Oh no! I thought they were done asking for money! What is this shit? Do they think the Rockefellers follow them?

Don’t worry, its purely on a volunteer basis. And its not only money. If you have some old film or film equipment and don’t plan on using it anymore, just send it our way. It’ll be much loved and appreciated.

We’re about two week away! And nowhere near ready. Let the fun begin…




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