Wow, you sure are glowing!

So we have less than two weeks until we head out on the road. And while there is still a million and one things that need to be done, I still think it’s important to provide you guys with your weekly dose of Good Housewife clips. And this woman right here knows she needs to keep her face fresh and clean to keep her man happy.

Don’t mind me, I’m just going to rub radioactive particles on your face. It’ll give you that healthy glow.

I smell a hit cartoon in the makings. Teenage Mutant Ninja Housewives.



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Kodak Kerouacs is mostly about photography and travel, though notsomuch travel photography. KodakKerouacs is about living free and loud then telling everybody else about how awesome it is to be free and really, really loud. Written by two girls who love coffee, film, and the open road. View all posts by kodakkerouacs

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