The Adventure Begins…

We finally hit the road!!! Yay!!

I know we said we were leaving May 8th, 2012. Our kickstarter project said that, our proposal said that, and every person who asked us when we were leaving was responded with “May 8th, 2012”

We left May 9th.

Oh well. No big deal, just had a few last minute things to take care of (Valerie).
Truth be told, I was glad we had an extra day. But we finally hit the road today, and 10 hours later we made it to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Home of tow trucks and “choo choo trains”.

The day went off without a hitch. Kind of long but thats what happens when you avoid the expressways.

Big score of the day? Finding an abandoned Chinese restaurant right off the road near the Tennessee boarder. Photographs to come later this week, after we develop them.

Can’t wait to see what else this trip will bring us!



The day we’ve been waiting for finally came. Well, it came and went, without fulfilling it’s promise because I had to repair my car in order for it to pass inspection and renew the tags that expired and for which I received a lovely ticket. That’s right, my tag expired, a cop PULLED ME OVER, and gave me a ticket totaling $215. Why didn’t they just send me a second piece of mail? stupid stupid stupid. But if it’s all fixed I can submit for a dismissal and get out of paying for the ticket (hopefully), it just sucks that this had to happen mere days before our trip. So, the day we waited for passed, but today we left!

It’s beautiful to put an end to the planning and actually get to the doing. Now, I’m not going to hide the fact that we nearly killed each other in the process of packing. It’s true. Mary is bossy and mean and I had to leave my Bisquick, and my liquid light, and my DSLR. I don’t blame her for my leaving my hair dryer, I did that myself, but there was no way that my shampoo and my hair dryer would fit in the suitcase, so I made a choice. A difficult one. But this trip is not about hair, or the fact that I didn’t re-paint my gross, chipped toenail polish. No, those things can be brushed to the side, this trip is about freedom (possibly from good hair) and it is about creating a legacy of images from across this great country. Even if there are trucks on the road bearing bumper sticked that say “Show me your tits.” Thank God they have the right to express there gross and demeaning point of view.

So, it’s our first day and we survived a rain storm, drove through a waterfall, got free coffee from a gas station, discovered an abandoned duck-themed restaurant/motel (I had a severe case of low blood sugar sillyness and had to pull over and let Mary drive), and we made it to our destination in a safe, dry hotel. Pretty awesome if I do say so myself. Also: snapshots of Beevis and Butthead graffiti. -V
Beavis and Butthead


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