I’m a Dinosaur. Rawr Rawr Rawr

What an exciting past two days.
We left Tucumcari yesterday, after having a wonderful stay at the Blue Swallow Motel. Seriously, if you ever stay in Tucumcari, New Mexico please stay there. The rooms were wonderful, there was free coffee all day and the beds were so soft that it was hard to get out of them in the morning. (Dennis from The Midpoint Cafe warned us about this, and he was spot on.)

Oh, did I mention the FREE COFFEE ALL DAY?

If that wasn’t enough, when we woke up and went outside, we were greeted by two adorable golden retrievers who just wanted to play. How could you not love waking up like that?

But we did have to leave, although not before we visited the Dinosaur Museum on our way out. I never knew that Val was such a dino-freak. The entire week before hand, she could talk of nothing else but this museum. I thought she was going to shit her pants when we finally got there. It was pretty cool. There were tons of bronze statues and fossils, and even a kids area where  you could draw your own dinosaur. I made the “Sparkleasaurous” It was rainbow and could breathe glitter.

After the informative and surprisingly fun dino trip, we made our way to Albuquerque. Very cool town. The whole trip in, Valerie kept looking out the window and sighing. I think I may have to leave her here. She’s already said many times she is moving here tomorrow.
I’m sitting here, hot off the road from a day trip to Santa Fe. All day Valerie kept asking me, “Do you know the way to Santa Fe?” I was super close to punching her.
It was a great trip though. We went to the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum to check out some of her early work. I didn’t realize what a badass she was. In her documentary, (I’m paraphrasing here) but she basically said “Listen. I’m a woman, I’m a painter, and I like to paint flowers. Deal with it. I live my life the way that I want to and fuck anyone who doesn’t like it”

Thats my girl right there. We would have been friends.


P.S I found out Johnny Depp is filming in town. Our mission has changed from photographing America to meeting/stalking Johnny Depp

Mary told me she wrote a novel. Unfortunately, the whole time she was writing I was busy with another task; I was sleuthing.

We are staying tonight with some of Mary’s family, and they have recently discovered a new resident on their property: an animal that makes a REALLY loud scream that starts at dusk and ends at dawn. The original suspicion is that this was some sort of owl. I found a marvelous forum that suggested foxes (who sound like demons) and frogs and i recalled a toad we’d seen the night before and, 50 toad calls later, I found it. I identified the toad exactly. The toad even started call back to us!

Please watch the toad, and imagine this sound echoing around your house all night. Needless to say, we went for a toad hunt and, though we did not find him tonight, Beth will be inviting him to leave as soon as possible. Of course, Mary has long finished her post and everyone is going to bed and I have to sit on the porch to get wifi, at night, in a cloud of moths that completely obfuscate my screen. My life is pretty difficult.

What I needed to tell you, dear readers, is about our adventures. I will make a list.

1. The Blue Swallow Inn was homey and retro. I felt like I was in a warm, fuzzy time warp. I LOVED it, and it’s history. Made two Golden Retriever friends. Saw our third rainbow here.

2. D I N O S A U R Museum. Lost my shit. Not going to lie. Not only were there dinosaurs, but you could touch a lot of them, and there was one you could ride, and they had multiple displays of ammonites, which have always been a favorite of mine, and, BEST of all, they had dioramas. Raptors eating pterodactyls. Sabertooth tigers jumping off cliffs and attacking a rearing rival on the ground. Raptors leaping in the air. I always wanted to be a paleontologist (seriously considering going back to school for it, no joke) and this was an obvious case of paleontologists convincing the public that what they do is cool.

3. I love New Mexico.

4. Loving New Mexico drew me to daydreams of Georgia O’Keefe having love affairs and abandoning art in New York to be out in the free, open desert. I asked to go to the museum, and we did! We went to the village she made her home and got pretty close. Mary probably mentioned Napoleon.

5. Two other dinosaur statues i didn’t even mention.

6. Stupid miracle stairway.

7. St. Francis!

8. We followed a labyrinth to increase our spirituality and trust God (or whatever universal power you’d like to call him/it/her).

9. The damn security at the O’Keefe museum is the worst I’ve ever experienced, anywhere. 500 guards armed with laser pointers follow your every move and actually stand at your shoulder while you observe the paintings. it makes it impossible to enjoy the art at times and they really fucking pissed me off. One guy would not go away and an urge overcame me to lick the damn painting just to spite him. It would have been worth the inevitable arrest. She wouldn’t have minded the saliva, I’m sure of it. Ultimately my desire to see Santa Fe was stronger than my desire to taste art and defy the guards.

Now I have to sleep because we are waking up at the crack of dawn to find aliens. Pictures tomorrow when I don’t have to fight moths.



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