Sweet Home Chicago

Whoa, ten days? Ten whole days with no blogging? As Shannon pointed out, that is months, maybe even years in the blogging world!

For the last ten days, we’ve been in a small town on Lake Michigan. We were right on the beach (awesome!) but had no cell phone service or internet.
Talk about paradise. On the water, feeling totally disconnected. I need that every so often, just to forget about the rest of the world and what I’m supposed to be doing and have some peace and quiet.

But not the best for keeping up with a blog.

I miss it already.

Lets see, where did we leave off? Oh right, San Francisco. We had a blast there, but had get on the road again. Unlike the rest of the journey, we actually had a date to be in Chicago because we had Conan O’Brien tickets!!! He was touring and spent a week in the Windy City, lucky for us!  I was able to score tickets from my wonderful sister, who unfortunately wasn’t able to make it to the show. It was on Thursday the 14th; we left Saturday from California and booked it to the midwest.

And I mean, booked it. It was a long and tiring drive, and we were very glad to make it to our destination, although we did make some stops on the way, which I’ll have to save for another post. (Too much to put into this one. You’d be reading for hours, if you were kind enough to stick with it)

We arrived on the lake and just passed out. We really spent 3 days driving for 12 hours a day, which is exhausting. After spending a day recovering, we set out super early on Thursday to stand in line for Conan seats and explore the city.
Chicago is wonderful. It is quite honestly, the greatest city in the world. I’d move there tomorrow. I know I’ve said that about almost every city so far, but I really mean it this time. I’ve been so many times, and every time I arrive I fall more and more in love with this place. It really feels like home.  I love the mix of cultures, the people, the fans (Go Cubbies!) the energy, the landscape, everything. It also helps that my family is from there, so I feel an amazing sense of connectivity and belonging there.  Thats the next place I’m going to move, I mean it!

Conan was AMAZING! If he were 20 years younger and not married, we’d totally be dating. The show was fun, he was super nice and we were four rows from the front!!

Conan at the Chicago Theater. Its such a beautiful place, if you’ve never been I highly recommend it.

The Moon. It’s so bright!

Valerie, me, and our dear friend Amelia

Then we celebrated by having deep dish pizza afterwards. What a wonderful fucking day. Valerie was even able to find gluten free pizza!

I fucking love this city.



When you start making castles out of your film, you know its time to develop


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6 responses to “Sweet Home Chicago

  • Jim

    I was just in Chicago last Friday and Saturday with my youngest son, doing all the touristy things, staying in a super nice hotel on State St. …easy to love that town.

  • Shannon

    Ha! Glad to know (for the sake of your other faithful followers) that I was able to light a fire. A quiet serene beach? With NO internet access? Okay. I’ll let you have that. Everyone’s gotta unplug and soak in the scenery every now-and-again. That’s what we used to do on the Michigan side of the lake, driving three days to get there — no phone, no TV, no internet. Just aaaaaaaahh.

    That’s quite some tower of film girls! No doubt you’ve been snappin’ away like you said you would. Looks like the making of a great book. Y’all be safe on the rest of your journey. Toodle oo!

  • Angie Z.

    I’m so glad you all got to see Conan! I can’t believe he didn’t look more weird in person, I mean considering you wanting to marry him and everything. If he and his wife divorce and Jon Stewart and his wife divorce and my husband gets amnesia and forgets he’s married to me, we could so have a double wedding to Jon and Conan!

    Glad you all made it safe! Thanks for hanging in L-town!

    • kodakkerouacs

      Haha I’m on board. Jon Stewart would be my second choice. There is something about a man who is insanely funny AND smart.
      It was great to visit you guys! Next time hopefully we’ll be able to stay longer. Say hi to peanut for me 🙂

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