Work at Home? Don’t be Oxymoronic

104 degrees today. WHEW is that HOT! I know most of the country is going through a heat wave, so I’m not alone. It makes me thankful that I’m able to sit inside and enjoy AC, because I know that there are many people and animals who aren’t able to.

It’s been almost two weeks since we’ve been back home and I’m just thinking, “shit, where did all the time go?” I had it all figured out, as I usually do.

I was going to get home, and then treat everyday like a work day. Wake up at 8am, scan and develop photos, start putting the book together, research about grants and artistic opportunities, edit videos, Β and then finish the day at 4 or 5pm.

And I haven’t followed any of the plan above, as I usually do.

I have worked since I’ve been back; scanning and editing, developing the last rolls. And I have even started to think about the book. But it’s just not at the pace I should be. Reminds me that I am no longer on the road where such cares and worries were so far away. I’m back in the present and needing a massive fire lit under my ass. (The thought of working at a minimum wage job in the mall if I don’t succeed in making this book is a start.) But apparently I need more.

Because sleeping in is so wonderful.

No one rocks Hollywood like we do. This is how I like to work. Unfiltered and uncensored.

I have never, and will never be able to understand how people work from home. When I meet someone who says they do, I have to ask how they get it done. Really. How do you people do it? When I sit down to work, its usually much later than I wanted because I don’t have to rush to get to an office and I don’t have an overbearing boss who will scold me if I’m late. I’m my own boss and I’m usually pretty forgiving of myself, especially if I give me a mocha. Then when I finally actually start to work, I suddenly think of a million things that need to get done at that very moment. The laundry, which has sat in a pile in the hall for days, suddenly has to be washed. And the collection of shoes in my closet dating back to when I still wore braces should be gone through and organized. My car needs to be vacuumed, or else it might start up and drive away.

This is what goes through my head and consequently, I don’t get shit done. How do you people do it? Is there a pill or mantra or little leprechaun or pokes you with a stick every time you deter from your work?? At this rate, I’m going to have to duct tape myself to my chair and have a feeding tube inserted into my arm.

I welcome any suggestions as how to focus my energy.

But if you’ll excuse me, there is a special on E! about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce and a box of chocolate chip cookies that are calling my name.


Coffee and a waterfall? Not a bad way to wake up in Texas. Taken with a 35mm camera using Kodak Gold 100 speed film.


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5 responses to “Work at Home? Don’t be Oxymoronic

  • Shannon

    I work at home. Of course, my work IS the laundry, the yard, the kids. The list of to-do’s is non-stop.

    Where in Texas is that waterfall? Lovely!

    • kodakkerouacs

      Thats the hardest kind of work, in my opinion! After being a nanny for a year, I think I can safely say that moms are sorely underpaid πŸ™‚
      The waterfall is inside Mckinney State Park, right outside of Austin. It was beautiful, and Valerie was the one who found the waterfall. We made our morning coffee right on the rocks.

  • thedigitalbird

    I work from home…and it can be a challenge. Sometimes, I find it easier to work from a coffee shop where there are lots of other ‘freelance types’ which is not hard to find at all in Austin. For some reason I can get more in the zone around other worker bees πŸ˜‰ Today I am at home…staring at my desk and thinking “Gosh I really have to clean this desk in order to be more productive!’ πŸ˜‰

    • kodakkerouacs

      Same here! I love going to the library to work, because it forces me to be quiet and concentrate. You’re right, when others are working and focused, it forces me to do the same. Plus theres nothing to clean or organize!

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