Are you Ready?

We’re not dead. We promise! We’ve just been scanning and developing, and developing and scanning…and sleeping.

It’s been hard to adjust to life not on the road, as my previous post oh so long ago stated. But now we’re back and I’m finally getting into a rhythm of sorts. I just dropped off the LAST of my film from our journey. WOO HOO!! I’ll get that back next week and then I will move on to scanning, editing, and compiling a book. Easy Peasy.

Have you been wondering how much film I shot over our journey? Because I was, and I just did the final count. Lets break it down:

26 rolls of 120 Black and White film
39 rolls of 120 Color film
16 rolls of 35mm Color film
17 rolls of 35mm Black and White film

**All of our film was donated by the wonderful people from Kodak. Did we say we loved them? Because we do**

The final film count? 98 rolls of film shot across 18 states in 6 weeks. And thats just for me. I’m not sure what Val’s film count was, but I guarantee its around that much. Maybe even more.

All taken with these cameras

Thats what our work space looks like. Cubicles be damned!

While we traveled, we met a lot of people. Some were cool, some were crazy, and some thought we were crazy. But they were all intrigued and even bewildered by the cameras we used. By now, Valerie and I are used to people not recognizing the cameras we use. Film is being phased out (DON’T WORRY KODAK WE WILL SAVE YOU!!!!!) and not many people recognize cameras other than digital ones.

So I thought it might be a good idea over the next few blog entries to explain what kind of cameras we used and how they work, and the different photos they take.
I’ll also give a film tutorial as well. As mentioned above (and any time I can because I’m still psyched about it) our film was donated by Kodak. But we received several kinds, its not just black and white or color.
And you’re probably wondering, “What the hell is 120? I thought there was one type of film and I’m not even sure what thats called.” Don’t worry, we’re about to educate you.

***And if you already know everything there is to know about film, well la-te-da for you! It’s a free country, so you could skip the next few blogs, but I don’t recommend it. Its always good to get back to basics. Plus Val and I are pretty hilarious, and not to give anything away, but there might be a few videos ahead where we banter comically.***

So get ready folks. Because you’re about to be LAUNCHED into the world of photography. KodakKerouacs style. We don’t claim to be professionals or knowledgable on the subject. In fact, we’re complete opposites. We’re messy and unconventional, dirty and to the core, raw and unfiltered. But we do it with passion and truth. And we take great photographs.



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