I was thinking of toga parties when I wrote the title of the blog. Now I must watch Animal House.

We learned so much about film last week! Different types and sizes, speeds and companies! Now that you’re practically an expert on the subject, it’s time to talk about the cameras. You can’t have film without cameras, right?

It’s the like the chicken and the egg. Both are necessary to make a delicious omelet. Both film and camera are necessary to make fabulous photos. Well, both are necessary to make shitty photos too. But lets focus on the fabulous ones.

So Valerie and I made the first of many videos about our cameras. This one is about the Holga. I briefly wrote about it in the last post, and its one of our cameras that uses the famed 120 film. The video is seven minutes long, and could possibly be the best seven minutes of your life. Unlikely, but you never know. There might be dancing elephants, twirling unicorns, or even Johnny Depp.

Or it could just be two awesome girls instructing you on what a Holga is.

The point is you’ll never know who does, or doesn’t, make a cameo unless you watch the whole video.

So without further ado, here is…the Holga




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