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Wow, you sure are glowing!

So we have less than two weeks until we head out on the road. And while there is still a million and one things that need to be done, I still think it’s important to provide you guys with your weekly dose of Good Housewife clips. And this woman right here knows she needs to keep her face fresh and clean to keep her man happy.

Don’t mind me, I’m just going to rub radioactive particles on your face. It’ll give you that healthy glow.

I smell a hit cartoon in the makings. Teenage Mutant Ninja Housewives.



Colgate suports 3 ways…

This commercial just brightened my day, every pun intended.

When I have kids, I’m going to name them Cutie Catie and Handsome Harry. And maybe Melancholy Margaret. And Pimply Peter. Or Aggressive Adam. Oh wow, I could go on with this forever.


You know Handsome Harry is getting some with that smile. I mean, how could Cutie Catie resist 3 ways clean?



Boy, is she fast!

This week’s Good Housewife Wednesday clip is all about how to get ahead at the office.

You don’t need to know how to file, type, dictate, or sharpen a pencil…although I’m pretty sure she’s an expert at sharpening her boss’ pencil.



Lesson learned today?
She’s fast and knows which button to push. Two qualities that will surely guarantee you a job and someone else’s husband.




You got some nerve Betty Clark

It’s Wednesday!!

You know what that means.




Now imagine if that was said to the intro of Wheel of Fortune. Makes much more sense.
Sigh. I need an announcer.

Now, today’s video is yet another laundry one. I really didn’t want to do two laundry detergent ones back to back, however I couldn’t help myself when I saw it. I think you’ll understand too. I think my favorite part might be when she’s looking at each piece of clothing saying, “whiter whites, pinker pinks, and purpler purples.”

It’s a black and white commercial lady. How do I know your pinks are pinker? They look positively gray to me. You could be lying to me.

Oh but I digress.  You’ll have to view it for yourself.


Rule #3
You should always be singing a happy tune while doing your husbands laundry. Did we learn nothing from Snow White?



Thats a woman for you

It’s officially Spring!!!
So on this edition of Good Housewife Wednesday, we decided to dedicate it to spring cleaning. Which would most definitely include laundry. We all know how important it is to separate colors from whites, but Jesus woman, can’t you make his shirts whiter?? It’s not that hard. What else do you have to do all day than think about his laundry?

Rule #2:
There is no “her side of the story”. Only his.


Your coffee is MURDER!

Holy Smokes fellas! I completely forgot about Good Housewife Wednesday!!

Its a new segment we’ve decided to do. Since neither one of us are married or going steady, we are clearly doing something wrong in attracting men. So in order for us to not end up as crazy cat ladies by the time we’re 50, we shall post a video or an ad every Wednesday about what it takes to be a good housewife. (I know its Thursday, but just pretend its Wednesday. That way when tomorrow is Friday, you’ll be pleasantly surprised)

We obviously need some pointers. And these women are in unquestionably healthy relationships.

I’m going to put my arms up like that every time I have coffee.

Rule Number One about being a good housewife:
Better have mountain grown coffee. Or the petunias get it.


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