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Checking in

HELACIOUS work week last week. I think I worked 80 hours between all my jobs. I’m still recovering. 

On a fun note, I thought I’d embed this Keds ad because I own most of the props from this shoot. The yellow blanket on the car is my grandfather’s, and I gave the blue suitcase to Mary and it’s what she took with us on our trip! I also have a bag of all the pom poms and silly stuff like that. The green foam hands are from UNCC, our alma mater. It’s fun to see our intimate possessions on display for millions of people to see, unknowingly. I get a kick out of it. 

Alright, now I need to catch up on scanning. 



The Five Myths of Being a ‘Creative’

This is a wonderful article from a photo blog called eighteen39. The author, dawnschuck always has the best articles relating to photography, but this one just encapsulates what people think it means to be an artist, as opposed to how it actually is.


The Five Myths of being ‘a Creative’

The myth: Ideas flow easily, arriving in their billions
The reality: Ideas are HARD to find and FEW in number

Sometimes no amount of mind-mapping, painstaking research or soul-searching comes to anything. Ideas, unfortunately, do not always arrive while we dream softly and they almost never take the form of astonishing epiphanies. Idea-making is often a process of dedicated thought, research and application. And always, always, someone else thought of it first…

The myth: We are permanently ‘creatively on’
The reality: We are only ‘creatively on’ when not hungry, tired, stressed…

Us creative lot also have to eat, sleep, clean, care for others and get up when the alarm sounds (whether we want to or not). A diet of strict briefs, lead chasing and deadlines keep us in check; but that’s not to say the inspiration and energy is continually flowing. There are those wise Elders who are experienced enough to churn out quality, high-class work time after time, but, alas, many of us are still learning the art of being on.

The myth: We are odd, believe in recycling and ride bikes with wicker baskets through fields of corn
The reality: Maybe half-true

So the airy-fairy creative stereotype is an outdated one. A few decades ago, a creative was thought to be a colourful character, gentle in nature, quoting Socrates and announcing that all art should be true and meaningful, puffing on something that made the dragons’ magic. Yet the creative has undergone a modern makeover;  the need to be seen has bought us out of our shells. We may still be a little strange, but now we’re the hipsters and movers of contemporary practice. We’re finally cool.

The myth: We live in our own little world and need more sunlight
The reality: We’re social-media marketing computer-software-loving self-promoting gurus of multi-taking genius

We can’t sit around contemplating the meaning of life while writing a few lines of poetry before an afternoon of oil painting. To get the work in, we have to navigate all platforms of social media, learn a thousand software systems and learn (fast) the best and most cost-efficient ways to market and advertise our skills. Whether you’re a copywriter, illustrator, graphic designer, photographer, painter or poet – pat yourself of the back. You’re so multi-skilled it’s scary.

The myth: We live a life of freelance luxury watching Bargain Hunt and Murder She Wrote
The reality: Free time? What’s that?

People working in the freelance creative industry often don’t have a guaranteed pay check coming in every month.  It’s a tough game out there with so many talented and experienced guys and gals, so finding the next job is sometimes quite tough.  Every hour is a workable possibility, so late nights usually combine with early mornings. The times we’re not working to a tight deadline, you can be sure we’re employing our newly learned social marketing skills while deliberating the most effective advertising techniques.

So. Why put ourselves through the stress of working in a seemingly unrelentless and saturated market? Well, the truth is, we wouldn’t do anything else. We just love to create; it’s just us. Simply spare a thought for your creative friends and family members; instead of ribbing them about their awfully easy job, perhaps grab them a coffee, give them a hug. We really like hugs.

Nothing But North Carolina

Reblogged from 50 States Design Project.

Nothing But North Carolina.


Gotta represent the home state! This guy does some amazing design work and is going through all 50 states. But of course, I have to reblog the one that shows some love for  NC.

Hole in the ground

I did not blog last night because I fell asleep. Normally I don’t provide an excuse, but last night I felt the sleep hit me like a frying pan in the face, I turned to Mary and informed her that I needed a nap, then I promptly fell over. Asleep. On top of all my crap and in my day clothes. I also had planned to edit videos and develop film and write post cards and all those lovely things we try to do on the road that don’t coincide with taking thousands of photographs. Turns out this is more difficult than we thought.

Here is a universal truth: When you come to a place with no expectations, it will rock our world.

Yesterday we went to the Grand Canyon. People flock to it from all over the globe, and they treat it as a very big deal. Arizona doesn’t even want to be known for anything else! So we went, to cross something off the ol’ bucket list. I thought it’d be cool to see a really big hole in the ground, but didn’t think much else of it. Well, I found out that it’s so much more than that. It’s not just a hole in the ground, it’s a hole in the ground bigger than I ever realized a hole could be. The size of it is enough to humble anyone. The rock has so many layers and rings that are evidence of more years on this earth than I can really wrap my brain around. I felt it confront me and my limits. My lifetime might be shown in a millimeter of it’s depth. I could be as influential as Abraham Lincoln, but the canyon remembers dinosaurs drinking from it’s river. Abe’s contributions are as small as a grain of sand on the shore, as far as the Grand Canyon has seen. It is physical proof of time and change, and the beauty that comes from it.  It is something you cannot describe or photograph. It is something to experience.

Dog in New Orleans

Kodak Ektar 100, Dog in new Orleans

I miss my dog. This dog above was horrifically bored, and I know Mr. Bingley (my dog) would be as well. He hates long trips. He likes to go home and he has his routine that he totally satisfied with. I saw dogs at the GC who were so happy to be on super long walks, but I do not have one of those dogs.

Question to our readers: when you are scanning in images from negatives, do you think it is okay to leave dust on the image? You wouldn’t if you were printing in a dark room, but the dust really can “send home” the message that this image came from a negative, and was not created digitally. I’m curious. Is there a place for dust?


I’m a Good Girl

Since I’ve been working from home so much recently, this video really resonates with me. I try to be a “good girl” and stay on schedule, but I’m a terrible housewife. If my husband made me punch a clock while he was gone, I think I’d have to punch more than that.


How-To Tuesday: Packing Peanuts

Here at KodakKerouacs, we believe in a lot of stuff. We believe film is going to make a comeback. We believe road trips are going to save our culture (and our economy). We believe that Batboy is real. But more than anything, we believe that having fun is paramount to a healthy, happy life.

That said, we want to teach you to think about what’s inside the box, take it outside the box, and have fun with it.


Jack Kerouac turns 90

LIke the very terrible bloggers that we are, we did nothing to celebrate Jack Kerouac’s 90th brithday. That’s right, we suck. No cake, no whiskey, not even a casual joyride on the back of a truck down the highway. Me? I took two consecutive naps. We planned to celebrate the birthday this week by starting up our youtube channel, and offering the following lineup:
Tuesday: How-to Tuesday.
Wednesday: Good Housewife Wednesdays: Clips on how to be a good housewife from the 50’s
Friday: Creature Feature Fridays: movies you may never have heard of, but are sure to love.

Look out for these crazy videos and blog posts. Maybe, just maybe, there will be cake at the end of it all.

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