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Hey guys!!!

What have we been doing all this time we haven’t been blogging?
We’ve been lying on beaches, sipping margaritas and working on our tans.

Yeah, right. In our dreams…

No we’ve been doing the whole “working for a paycheck to pay the rent” thing. And putting together our very own ETSY SHOP!!!!

Yes thats right, we’ve got an etsy shop. We caved in to public demand and put up our very own shop. So if you need a gift for that someone special during the holidays or just need to quench that burning desire to spend a few bucks, please consider purchasing one of our amazing prints!

You’ll sleep better at night knowing you’ve supported a local artist (local in the general sense of the word. I mean, we’re both from the planet Earth I assume) and that one of our prints (soon to be YOUR PRINTS) came direct from our adventures on the road. It’ll probably still have the faint smell of stale cigarettes and dirty martinis.

Now, when you view our shop, we only have about a fraction of the photos we took up at the moment. Don’t worry; we’re uploading more and more every minute. AND when you view our WEBSITE any and all of those photos are also up for grabs. Just email up with the title and info, and we’ll sell you one of those. We’ll sell you any and all of our prints.

Shit, we’ll even sell you our grandmothers. As long as you don’t mind long nights of Scrabble and shots of Ensure.
Really. They’re mean Scrabble players.

So to conclude: ETSY

Go buy.


That is all

This is one of those A-Mazing prints you can purchase from our Etsy shop!


Oh wow, look at this. ANOTHER A-Mazing photo!!!

-M & V


For God’s sake, go have some fucking fun today.

I love fun. I’m sorry if that makes me a bad person or a shallow person, but I fucking love fun.

Warning: this is one of those entries we do about our lives that has very little to do with photography.

View from our fire escape in the village

I had fun in New York. I could not possibly recollect all the bars that I went to, or give you any kind of useful guide to drinking in the village, as an outsider. I didn’t even feel like an outsider, I felt at home. I can tell you that a beautiful bartender gave me a drink so strong I was too sick for dinner and had to take a nap. Maybe walking was a problem too, I don’t recall… but I got up and went right back to bar hopping like a champ. It’s the way of KodakKerouacs, we don’t let alcohol bring us down. I drank champagne out of a mason jar. I had the best Mojito of my life. My liver hates me, but it was worth it. Below is a collage that tells the story of my friend finding a furry arm on the ground, and killing all of Manhattan with it, so he could find peace an quiet. We actually don’t know this other guy, but all of us were sloshed and happy, and unified in our delirium of happy drunkenness.


Oh, an I met a guy on the A-train who I went out to breakfast and later for drinks with. He is fabulously interesting, but got a little freaked out when he figured out our age difference. oops. We talked about how much we love the A-train, the city, and our love for dying mediums. His books are replaced with kindles and my film is replaced with SD cards. He comes to Harlem to go to small bookstores and convenience stores to collect a genre of book he specializes in, pimp fiction, and he says the experience of doing such is so entirely “other” that ordering novels online can never compare. We knew our missions were similar at the core: preservation of a way of life. I played the date out right, I ended it by showing him the view from our rooftop. C’mon, you know that’s romantic! But c’est la vie, it wasn’t meant to be. Don’t hate a girl for trying. It is wonderful to connect to another traveler on the road of life.

The best thing I did during the trip was going to see “Discovering Columbus” by Tatzu Nishi.


View from the circle

I guess the idea behind it is that Columbus discovered America, and now we can discover Columbus! You know, that statue that stands 75ft high in the middle of Columbus square. So, you get to experience the statue in a new way, as if you’re in his beautiful NYC penthouse living room (instillation art always sounds silly). It was truly amazing. Not so much for it’s substance, but for the people in the environment, and the stunning view of New York.

UntitledColumbus in the exhibit, 75ft in the air

Visitors to the public work were comfortable and lounging on the furniture, flipping through magazines, and treated the event like a party you go to at a friend of a friend’s house. I have come to feel as if the instillation is more for Columbus than his visitors. He gets to be a true New Yorker for a couple months. You can tell he likes it.

UntitledView from fauxpartment

Of course mistakes were made and drinks were had, but I can’t put my whole life into this blog, as much as I’d like to do so. Every trip invigorates me and inspires me in a different way. This trip inspired me to be more ambitious, work harder, party harder, and flirt with as many boys as possible. These are all noble in their own way.



Long time no see!

Hey guys,

It’s been awhile. I know, I know. A lot has been going on. We had the DNC in town last week, which was pretty cool. Lots of big black SUVs with government plates, newscasters everywhere, and oh yeah the President was in town as well. It doesn’t matter which way you swing in the political sphere it was a big deal here. All eyes were on our small city, which rarely happens. So I kind of took that week off of life and spent as much time as I could downtown stalking political celebrities.

All I saw were super excited delegates, none of whom I recognized because well, they’re delegates. They’re normal people. I was looking for Joe Biden, for Michelle Obama. Shit I would have settled for Sarah Palin!

Anyway, I didn’t blog, I didn’t edit photos, I didn’t do anything but become a political junkie.
The DNC has left, the dust has settled and I’m ready for work.

I’ve finished scanning all of my photos of the trip. Thats right. ALL OF THEM! Woo Hoo!! I don’t remember if I did a blog about that when it happened. If I did, my apologies. But it’s so exciting, it needed to be said twice.

What do I do now? Well, onwards to the book!
Valerie and I had what will now be a weekly meeting on Tuesday. It’ll be weekly because Whole Foods has $2 glasses of wine on Tuesday.
It was quite a productive meeting and we both left with high hopes, and a little buzz. We’re meeting again tomorrow night to work on our book and to draft up a proposal for the publishers we’re submitting to.

**If any reader out there is friends with a publisher, knows one, sleeps with one, or has passed one in the street,
please let us know. We haven’t done any of the above (that we’re aware of)**

While I did take photos of the DNC, you guessed it! They are film and have yet to be developed.
But while you’re waiting, please check out our website because we’ve uploaded more of our trip photos!  Not all of them by any means. (Let’s be realistic people. It took me two months just to scan them all in)

And in conclusion, I leave you with some sound advice from the Great Houdini


But…I want to save the elephants too!

So, I had a freak out the other day. One of those quarter-life-crisis where I’m just beginning to realize that I’m already an adult.

Things are going slowly here, which is to be expected. You ever read about those one in a million people who went from being a dishwasher to a superstar overnight due to a chance encounter?

Well we’re not those people. We work hard and play harder. We sweat and toil and worry and bicker and scan and develop and hope to God that we’ll find a publisher who is crazy enough to believe in us.
But it’s the waiting in between that gives me too much time to think about me and my life, where its going (or not going) what I’m doing, what I should be doing, what everyone else my age is doing, health insurance, 401ks…..
And that can be kind of depressing.

Thus the elephants.

The other night I watched the news and they had a bit on a woman who has spent the last 30 years of her life living in Africa, saving the elephants from poachers. She invented baby elephant formula, elephant sanctuaries, and the idea that rescued elephants could be saved and nursed back to health. After being incredibly inspired by her, all I could think was
“What the fuck am I doing with my life?!! This woman is saving baby elephants in Africa and all I’m doing is sitting on my butt. I need to help. I NEED TO SAVE BABY ELEPHANTS!”

I ran around thinking that the last 25 years of my life were a waste and I was being too lazy coloring in the third grade, when I should have been out raising awareness for AIDS. Instead of playing barbie dolls with my friends, I should have been going door-to-door getting signatures for green peace petitions. While I was going out on Friday nights, there were other kids who were going to bed early so they could wake up Saturday and march for equal rights.


Watch this amazing video that won’t donate money to poor kids in Zimbabwe, but might make you laugh a little bit. Excuse me, I’ll be downtown protesting for women’s suffrage or equal rights for the koala bears or something like that.


Camera Talk: The SLR

Just think of us as the female version of Click and Clack.

Snap and Shot, your go to advice for photo questions. We may not give you the answer you were looking for, but admit it.  We’d make a GREAT radio show.
If you don’t know what I’m talking about…sigh. Just google it.

Anyway, its been awhile since we’ve been online. I know, I know. But what with website design, interviews, and putting together our book, I just fell back on the blog. My apologies.

It will certainly happen again.

So here is our next installment in our Camera Talks series. This time it’s on a camera you’re all probably familiar with, the SLR. It’s still around, albeit mostly in the Digital SLR format. But its still a good camera and takes some pretty awesome photos.


Thousands of Words

Okay guys,

I know last week I promised you another video installment of “Camera’s We Used On The Road”. I have it. I promise. Ask Val. We’ve recorded 4 videos! But this post isn’t about our cameras or a video.

It’s about the fact that WE are featured on KODAK’s website!!

Yes, thats right. Kodak asked us to write a blog about our journey and how it was, and why we took photographs with film. We happily obliged because we love film, traveling, and Kodak. So Valerie and I have been editing and choosing photos all week, and this morning I got a wonderful email from Colleen (who has been our Kodak liaison) to tell me that our blog went LIVE.
It’s a weird choice of words that makes me think that our blog suddenly grew legs and decided to take a walk.

But anyway, it went online this morning, and Valerie and I couldn’t be happier. We are thankful that Kodak asked us to do this, and hopefully we can reach even more people and then one day, take over the world.

Here’s the link to our blog on Kodak’s page. Please check it out. It’s been proven to alleviate symptoms of “The Mondays” and can lead to a longer, happier life. We can’t speak to it’s ability to grow eyelashes or cure baldness, but it is our miracle drug of choice.

Along with all this excitement we are also hard at work in creating a beautiful new website for KodakKerouacs.com. We have shiny new gallery pages and a layout that is easier to navigate and to look at. Just as soon as we can squash all the bugs with it, we’ll give it life as well. so LOOK OUT. It’s coming to an RSS feed near YOU.




It’s Hip to be Square

We talked about a lot last time, didn’t we? Slide film, black and white film, color film, film speeds, whew! Don’t worry, there will be no exam or pop quiz. You would most definitely drop this blog and I would cry and have to resort to begging you back.


Last time we specifically discussed 35mm film. Well, I discussed. You took notes or fell asleep in the back of the class. Typical.
Anyway, it’s the most common type of film and chances are if you don’t know much about film you definitely recognize that one.

This time, I’ll finish up the tutorial on film (yay!) with 120 film. Don’t worry, it’ll be super short since we covered so much last time.

Whoa, slow down. 120 film? What does that mean?

Lets start with a picture. Those usually help the confused and bewildered (most of the time, thats me)

Eegads! What in the hell is that?? It’s like two rolls of film merged together into one giant mutant film!

Welcome to medium format film, also known as 120 film. Its big, beautiful, and I love it. The 120 film is bigger than 35mm, as you can see. So that means the negative is larger and has more detail. Also, its easier to enlarge to a poster size, for example, because it wont get as out of focus or blurry. The film above in the wrapper is Kodak TMax 400 speed (remember what speeds mean?) and the film standing up is Kodak Ektar 100 speed.

The TMax is black and white film, and the Ektar is color film. Kodak Ektachome, not pictured, is 120 slide film. Unfortunately Kodak has announced it will discontinue its line of all slide film, including Kodak Ektachrome and Kodak Elite Chrome. But I believe Fuji still makes slide 120 film.

Well thats great, you say. But where can I use it? I’ve never seen a camera that I can use that film in. Have no fear! I would never show you film you couldn’t use! (Polaroid, Kodachrome, I can’t go on. It’s too painful…)

There are actually many cameras, but my and Valerie’s favorite is the HOLGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s really written as Holga, but I just get excited about it. The camera looks like this:

Meet the Holga. It’s big, black, and beautiful. And take amazing photos.

I know, I know. You  want to know more. And you will. But I’m saving that for the next entry, which will be on cameras. For now, just know that the Holga is a plastic camera that is pretty simple, uses 120 film and has always produced amazing results for me.

Some other cameras that use 120 film are Mamiya, Hasselblad, Diana, and Bronica.

Laundromat on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. Take with Kodak TMax 120 film using a Holga camera

This is a photograph taken using 120 film. It produces a square negative, unlike 35mm film.

I like the squareness of it. It’s always hip to be square, in my opinion. It’s a nice contrast to the usual rectangular format that we are all too familiar with. 120 film and Holgas together are a nice combination because they can produced unexpected results, like this:

Church in Abiquiu, New Mexico. Photo taken by Valerie Justice using Kodak Ektar 120 film with a Holga.

The red at the top of the photo are “light leaks” from the Holga. Thats more from the camera than from the film. But it looks cooler on 120 film than 35mm.

Okay. I think that will do it for today on film. See? I told you it would be short. And you were worried.

So there is not much different between 35mm and 120 film, it’s really just a matter of personal preference. I enjoy both but it is nice to have options. Sometimes you get tired of using the same film all the time. On the other side of that, sometimes there are too many options and I’ll just end up shooting 120 film for 6 months.

Now, when you see a square image on this blog or on our Flickr account, you no longer have to wonder “What the hell is that?” You’ll know.  PLUS you can impress all your friends with your film knowledge. Brought to you by the professionals 🙂


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