The Plan

The plan
After traveling the backbone of America for 6 weeks, we’re now in the midst of developing our film and publishing a book of our photographs (film only) and awesome adventures. If anyone knows a decent publisher, holla at us.

The players
Mary and Valerie…and any other strange hitchhiker they pick up at midnight on a dark and lonely road.

The goal
To make art and live life.

The medium
Photography. We will have a digital camera on file to upload images immediately, but both of us use film cameras primarily. Everything from standard 35mm SLRs to twin lens to Holga and other toy cameras. We love film and the results it produces. Besides, it just seems fitting photographing Americana and all her dying glory with a medium that is slowly being phased out for the newer, faster product.

For anyone who couldn’t catch that last part: digital is to film, what the interstate is to the highways/route system

If anyone has places we should stop or interesting/weird/eccentric sites for us to see, please shoot us an email! We’d love to hear about it!


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